Coursemaster Autopilots


Coursemaster Autopilots Pty Ltd has been designing and manufacturing quality autopilots in Sydney Australia for 38 years and exporting to Europe, Asia, Middle East and North America.

In 1974, Coursemaster was incorporated after David Chapman’s innovative ‘autopilot with unique compass heading sensor’ won a John Lysaght Inventors Award and received national coverage on the ABC Television’s Inventors Program.

Coursemaster’s R & D has continued this tradition of technical innovation under the direction of Dr Graham Rigby PHD MSc., achieving another world first for Coursemaster in 1980 with the design of the CM300 autopilot using digital electronics and a fluxgate compass. An interface to enable a Coursemaster autopilot to automatically steer to waypoints from a satellite navigator achieved another world first for Coursemaster in 1984.

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